Emergency Dental

Got a problem? We can help!

Have no fear!

We specialise in getting people out of pain quick and painlessly.

We’ll do it the same day you get in touch with us!

Rule #1 – No Pain

Our emergency philosophy is simple. Get people out of pain, but most importantly, don’t cause any pain in the process.

Wisdom Tooth Pain

Typically from the lower jaw, radiating towards the ear. We have relieved many people of the pain caused by impacted wisdom teeth many times. Usually this requires removal of the tooth (done on site – but not same day) but every once in a while we figure out a solution without removal.

Fear of the Dentist Keeping you away?

We’ve been told time and time again – I kept delaying my trip to the dentist because I was afraid! Fear not – we are equipped for moderate sedation if needed. Usually, we don’t need to!!

Root Canal Pain

When a tooth is dying the pain from hot, cold and pressure can be unbearable. Sometimes the nerve of a tooth can be saved. Sometimes a root canal is required. Don’t let anyone do a root canal until the tooth’s nerve has been tested!!! Oftentimes there are many ways to avoid a root canal. I can’t begin to describe how many people have had other doctors propose this therapy, only to see us for a second opinion… 

Cracked/Sharp Teeth

Tongue getting shredded by a sharp tooth? Come on in and have it repaired or smoothed out – your tongue will love us!

Broken Braces/Retainers

Wire loose and stabbing you? Orthodontist not available. We can definitely find you a temporary solution until you can get back to your Specialist.

Painless Emergency Care?

Of course! The answer is simple – We make sure you are well frozen before going anywhere near you!  In the rare case of extreme infections we will give you antibiotics to clear most of the infection first, then we can fulfil our promise to you of a pain free existence! In the extremely rare case of dangerous infection we will get you into the ER for immediate hospital care. Let us guide you – Not the infection!

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